Building Management System

We use the leading building management system, BuildingLink to track, manage, communicate and report on the properties under our management. BuildingLink is web-based and provides a solution to:

• Manage maintenance and work orders
• Manage scheduled asset management
• Monitor and track maintenance and warranties
• Assign approved contractors to maintenance items
• Track and record incidents
• Keep residents and other owners informed and updated in real-time
• Manage building events
• Manage documentation and forms
• Record security access controls
• Record resident information
• Send and receive emails to residents and other stakeholders.

Benefits to committee members and other stakeholders

Committee members can communicate through one portal in ‘real-time’ with exclusive access to the Committee Forum for discussion and resolution on quotes, building works, financial and other important information. BuildingLinks allows the user to:

• Quickly access reports on building maintenance activity
• Asset register for reporting and sinking fund forecasting
• Upload survey and documents for the residents to see and/or give feedback on
• Reduce hours spent at committee meetings
• Receive automatic notifications of contracts and warranty expirations
• Create a sense of community within their property
• Use the public display as an electronic notice board.