Developer Consultancy

Longstanding Expertise

Our longstanding experience in the industry enables us to provide developers with accurate forecasts for on-site services requirements. We will review plans and provide hours, budgets and apportionments between stratums for building management, cleaning, landscaping, security, concierge and loading dock management. 

Our Services

Budgeting & On-Site
Service Requirements

We have more than 29 years of experience determining the appropriate resources required based on plans.

Energy & Water Consumption

We have years of experience in assisting developers to determine the most efficient and equitable energy and water consumption apportionments between residential and retail strata plans. 

Shared Services Schedule

We work closely with developers assisting them to create a shared service schedule and the appropriate apportionment to each stratum/strata plan. 

Management of
On-site Services

We can assist developers in planning out onsite service management such as loading dock and car park requirements, security, and waste management. 

Defect Management

We will develop an effective defects management plan and execute it using BuildingLink so that defect rectification work is communicated clearly and in real-time back to the developer/builder. 

Initial Maintenance

We can assist the developer put together the initial maintenance schedule including all warranty and servicing requirements. 

Client Testimonials

  • “The pre-settlement and defects inspection process with Three Property was as simple as we have ever encountered. Builders and developers know this component is routinely one of the most mismanaged and difficult processes when delivering product.”

    Richard de Carvalho
    Capital Bluestone
  • “ Three Property were engaged to support us with pre-settlement inspections and building management services. Being able to use one team for the above services ensured a smooth handover and settlement process. EQ were pleased with the expertise, proactiveness and professional nature that we have now appointed them in our other developments”.

    Christopher Lam
    EQ Projects
  • “I’ve used Three Property for pre-settlements and defects on several developments to date and now I wouldn’t do it any other way. I can rely on their team to communicate with purchasers in a competent and professional manner. They are so well versed in the process that I can leave them to it while I focus on the million other tasks associated with a project completion.”

    Stewart Nettleton
    NewQuest Property
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