Key Handover

Completion of Settlement

Once settlement is complete and all necessary documents are lodged with relevant authorities, keys are released to a new buyer so they can take possession of the property. Key handover is an exciting day for a new home owner and our team ensures this is done professionally to guarantee happy new owners.

Our Services

Tour Common Areas

Tour any common area facilities and provide details of booking procedures for areas such as BBQs or meeting rooms.

Owners Corporation

Give purchasers information on the owners corporation and provide them with contact details on the building and strata manager defining the demarcation between each organisation.

Explain By-laws

Explain the by-laws relating to pets, blinds, flooring, and keeping with the appearance of the building. 

Building Procedures

Brief new owners on the policies and procedures of the building including move in procedures, key requests, lift bookings, and disposal of cardboard from unpacking.

Book Move-ins

Book and manage resident move-ins ensuring all common areas and protected and excess cardboard waste has been removed.

Handover keys
& Welcome pack

The final step in the process is to the purchaser with the welcome pack for the building and handover their keys to their apartment.

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