Defect Management

Providing Clarity Around Defects

New laws around the defect period and developer bonds have caused confusion around defects and lack of confidence in the off-the-plan market. There are currently three separate statutory warranty periods which may apply to residential buildings in NSW so it can be unclear to many new purchasers what their rights are as multiple amendments to the legislation have occurred. 

We act as a non-partisan intermediary between the developer, builder, and purchasers to get any building defects rectified efficiently. We act in the best interests of all parties and through our rigorous processes and procedures and establish a clear line of communication. We also provide a complete key handover service to ensure peace of mind throughout the settlement process. 

Happy Purchasers

Our cloud-based online platform allows for the seamless real-time communication of defect rectification work. Purchasers are provided with full transparency through a personal account which allows them to track defect rectification works and settlement timeframes.

This ensures there is no loss of information and matters are not double handled leading to far better efficiencies while ensuring the responsibilities of all parties have been met.

Purchasers who are involved in the defect process, guided through the defects procedure, and provided with a transparent window into the progress come away happy and satisfied with their purchasing decision.


Our Defect Management Services

Perform Defect

We can perform unit and common property defect inspections on behalf of the developer prior to purchaser inspections so the majority of defects are picked up before apartment viewings. 

Management System

We provide one cohesive online system to record, manage defect rectification work (compatible with Aconex).

Management of
Inspection Bookings

Through our online booking system we communicate and schedule settlement inspections and record purchaser feedback and specification work in real-time. 


We create a permanent record of defects and liaise with the builder, sub-contractors and developer to address issues.

Guidance on

We educate purchasers of what is and isn’t a building defect and provide them guidance and ongoing communications so defects are managed appropriately before the closure of the defect liability period.

Closure Period

We communicate the defect closure period dates to purchasers and provide a list of any outstanding items to the builder to ensure they are rectified within the correct timeframes.

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