Building Policies

Our Committment to the Environment

We are committed to providing clients with opportunities to reduce their environmental footprint. Our experience has shown that by reducing the environmental impact of a property, you can improve efficiencies of the overall building and reduce costs of the resources required. We act in an environmentally responsible manner and are committed to upholding environmentally and socially responsible practices in our day-to-day operations.

Our Sustainable Policies

Environmental Certificates

We work according with environmental certifications to carry out functions in an environmentally sustainable manner.


We comply with environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements relevant to our operations.

Recycling & Resources

We operate in an environmentally-conscious manner through recycling, and the prevention of pollution and conservation of resources.

Environmental Impact

We treat and manage waste in methods to minimise environmental impact and prevent the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Monitor Environmental Objectives

We establish, maintain, and monitor environmental management practices into planning, operation and contracting activities through our Environmental Management System framework.

Environmental Management System framework

We encourage staff to work in a manner that mitigates adverse environmental impact.