Settlement Inspections

The Settlement Process

Settlement inspections and key handover are an under-estimated and important component of the real estate sales process and can make or break a brand’s reputation. Handled properly, the settlement process becomes a positive public relations opportunity and helps encourage a loyal following of residents and investors alike. 

Our team eliminates the common issues in the handover process to ensure there is a smooth transition throughout the entire settlement and key handover process. This also sets up building management on a solid foundation into the initial period and beyond. 

One Online Management System

We act as a non-partisan intermediary between the developer, builder, and purchasers. We also provide an online platform where defect rectification and can be coordinated and communicated to all parties involved live and real-time. Purchasers are provided with full transparency and control through a personal account which allows them to track defect rectification works and settlement timeframes.

We act in the best interests of all parties and through our rigorous processes and procedures and establish a clear line of communication. This ensures there is no loss of information and matters are not double-handled leading to far better efficiencies while ensuring the responsibilities of all parties have been met.

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