Our Services

On-site Services

We review plans during the construction phase and provide expert advice on the appropriate number of hours and fair apportionment between shared services for on-site service requirements such as security, building management, landscaping and cleaning. We can also assist with energy efficiency matters and management plans for loading docks, car parks etc. 

Settlement Inspections
& Key Handover

Settlement inspections and key handover are an under-estimated important component of the real estate sales process and can make or break a brand’s reputation. We eliminate the common barriers in the handover process to ensure there is a smooth transition.  


We have had extensive experience in the successful management of defect identification. We manage the process through a cloud-based system that allows builders, developers and owners to track & manage common property and apartment defects to ensure all works are rectified within the legislative timeframe. 


We understand the complexities involved in managing multi-tiered developments and are committed to providing excellence in building management service delivery by employing the best personnel, applying industry best practice methodology, and stringent compliance and safety measures.


We review plans and provide expert advice on the cleaning requirements necessary for the successful operation of a building. We can also provide a full cleaning service of full or part-time cleaning contractors and cleaning supervision.   


We have operated successfully in the property management space for more than a decade. Our portfolio of property under management is located in the Sydney Basin, metropolitan cities such as Parramatta, and the Central Coast. 

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