Work Health & Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

We are committed to responsibilities under WHS legislation by providing a working environment that is focused on eliminating risk to health and safety. This commitment extends to all contractors, sub-contractors and their employees. 

Our personnel are accountable for the health and safety performance of the contractors that they engage. This responsibility includes monitoring contractors to ensure work is conducted in a safe manner and properties are maintained in accordance with legislation.

Safety Procedures

At the beginning of each contract, the assigned building manager together with the Head of Building Management will perform a risk assessment of the site. Once completed, details of safety procedures, including uses of equipment and chemicals are stored on-site and in our online building management system. Our WHS system covers all the safety duties that must be present on the worksites such as Material Safety Data Sheets and Safe Work Method Statements.

Contractor Procedures

All contractors, sub-contractors and their employees are expected to; follow safe work procedures, provide training to staff ensure compliance with safe work procedures, have a reporting system in place for all injuries, illnesses, hazards and near-misses and comply with WHS reporting requirements.

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