Building Management

Our Expertise

We provide a sophisticated building management service compliant with all relevant legislation including strata and work health & safety. To ensure a high quality of delivery is maintained, we employ building managers who have customer service skills and are experienced in certification and maintenance requirements, asset management, security systems, defect management and work health & safety.  

Innovative Cloud-based
Management Systems

We use the leading cloud-based online building management system to track, manage, communicate and report on the properties under our management. Stakeholders, such as committee members, can communicate through one portal in ‘real-time’ with the building manager, submit maintenance requests, and access financials, reports,  discussion forums for quick resolution on quotes, building works.

Our Services

The following are our standard building management services

Asset Management

We provide an online centralised system to control and maintain plant and equipment. All serviceable assets including warranties and identification codes, location and descriptions are recorded to schedule routine maintenance and raise work orders. This enables the building manager to monitor the performance of assets and identify any issues for preventative management.

Certification &
Scheduled Maintenance

We carry out a full inspection of equipment and will create a schedule of inspection, testing, certification and maintenance servicing requirements to meet both statutory regulations and equipment manufacturers’ recommendations. We pre-plan maintenance for every item separately according to manufacturer’s recommendation or legislation.

Access Control &
Key Register

We maintain an online access control register which tracks all keys that have been issued including number of access controls, type and code, and what stratum the key is issued to. 

By-law Compliance

Our building managers are familiarised with strata by-laws during the site induction process and records by-law breaches in our online centralised system which sends a notification to the strata manager and committee members.

Preventative Maintenance

We work with the builders and sub-contractors during the initial period to create a preventative maintenance schedule for hand over to the owners corporation. We educate and work with the owners corporation to execute the schedule so plant and equipment is maintained at its optimal performance and life cycle.  

Property Maintenance

Our on-site building manager is stocked with a variety of day-to-day materials to successfully deal with incidents; this enables us to respond immediately to small repairs and keep costs low for our clients. Work orders and requests are managed through our online system. 

Security Breaches

Our building managers can be reached 24/7 and will respond quickly to any security breaches. Clients are also provided a secondary emergency contact if the building manager cannot be reached. 

Parking & Vehicle Management

Our system can track issues relating to parking or vehicle management. All vehicles and their assigned spaces are loaded in the system so the building manager can search via number plate for any parking or vehicle-related incidents.

Reactive Maintenance

We have substantial experience with reactive and emergency response repair works and can respond 24/7 to incidents. Our rigorous processes ensure that the most appropriate resources are directed to the incident without delay.

Contractor Management

We take an active role in monitoring how and when works are undertaken to ensure they are carried out in a safe manner and carried out to the highest possible standard. Contractors are required to sign in and out using BuildingLink to ensure the billable hours match time on-site. Quality control inspections are carried out prior to signing off payment. 

After Hours’ Emergencies

We have substantial experience with reactive and emergency response repair works and will respond 24/7 to incidents. Our processes ensure that the most appropriate resources are directed to the incident without delay.

Defect Management

We have had extensive experience in the successful management of defect identification and rectification. We use BuildingLink to manage the process to ensure defects are dealt with efficiently and professionally. BuildingLink is designed to work with builders, developers and owners to track and manage common property and apartment defects and ensure maximum time efficiency for all parties involved. 

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