Top Tips for Moving in a New Home

Packing tips

Packing your valuable household contents with good quality packing materials will help ensure that they arrive in sound condition. Make sure you have the following items:

  • Thick, sturdy boxes of various sizes
  • Good quality packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker pens
  • Bubble wrap, butchers’ paper, newspaper and or linen to wrap delicate items
Our top 10 packing tips
  1. Start packing early with items rarely used e.g. books etc.
  2. Make an inventory of all cartons and their contents, and mark boxes with the room they are destined for and with FRAGILE, HEAVY or THIS WAY UP to protect the contents.
  3. Use towels and linen to protect fragile goods.
  4. Pack heavier items in small boxes.
  5. Use plenty of packing tape, especially on the bottom of the boxes.
  6. Tape remote controls, cables and any nuts, bolts and screws to the item that they belong.
  7. Use your luggage for packing clothing to reduce wasted space.
  8. Remember the essential items that you want immediate access to, along with important documents, jewellery and other valuables should be taken with you in your own car.
  9. Consider if you want assistance in professionally packing and or unpacking your possessions.
  10. Keep a small tool kit handy for re-assembling furniture.
Using a removalist

If possible, it is very helpful if the removalist can get an understanding of where you are moving from and how much you will be moving. Professional removalists can help to take some of the stress out of your move. When choosing a removalist company, make sure you tick the following boxes:

  • Check the credentials of the removalist company. Is the removalist a member of the Australian Furniture Movers Association? Contact 1800 671 806.
  • Request Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance from the removalist company.
  • Be sure everything is covered in the quote, including the contents of the garage or items such as pianos or fine art which may require special moving skills.
  • Review the terms of the insurance cover provided by the removalist. Be aware that some removalists do not cover for damage if you have done your own packing.
  • Will the removalist charge you a fixed price or an hourly rate? And are the rates based on door to door or depot to depot?
  • Check if the removalist is prepared to disassemble and reassemble your beds, desks, cupboards and so forth and if they have the necessary tools to do so.

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